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A Druid.

A Templar.

The woman who loved them both.


My fascination with the Knights Templars, the Druids, and reincarnation, led me to write this novel.


  I enjoyed every minute of researching for this.

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It was a warm summer's day when I visited the island of Inchmahome on the Lake of Menteith. The only sounds were the lapping of water against the shore and the birds singing in the trees. As I explored the ruins of the 13th century priory, I thought how magical this place was. I decided to find out more about Inchmahome’s part in Scotland's history and weave a story around it.

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I wanted to write a story that incorporated two subjects that are of great interest to me - history and reincarnation. 

The ending of Rachel's story came to me first and all that was left to do was reach it.

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