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Cats or angels?

I believe in angels as do a lot of people. I also believe that there is a strong possibility that some animals are angels in disguise.

My cat, Tigger, is one of those angels. She is gentle, loving, independent and fully aware that I adore her. No matter how I feel she makes me feel better. If I've spent too much time on the computer, she jumps on the desk, looks at me disapprovingly, lies down and puts her paw across the keyboard. I know, I know - never allow cats near your computer, but it really wasn't one of her hairs that jammed the F key.

When she awakes from sleep, her smile - yes, her eyes do smile - says "I'm happy to see you but you do realise I've just left a place not of this world to be with you." I show my usual gratitude with hugs and kisses.

She is beside me when I wake up in the morning so I always start the day with a smile. Our nightly routine is that when she realises I'm heading to bed, she rushes to get there first, settles herself down and waits for me. I wrap my arms around her and sing to her. She does have her favorite - I can tell by the intensity of her purring - but she is also open to me adding to the repertoire. She's the only one who isn't bothered by the fact I never sing in tune. In fact my voice would scare the devil, but not Tigger.

So what is it that makes me think she's an angel. My heart tells me it is so. I've put a story about Tigger on my website.

I love my other cat, Pancho, just as much. He's also an angel but sent to me for a different reason. That's another blog.

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