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Past lives

Sometimes it's a feeling of someone standing behind me, or meeting a stranger and thinking I know them. It could be a moment of absolute stillness when my world stops and part of me seems to wander off.

Could I actually be somewhere else or am I just recalling a memory of a past life?

These moments are precious and I often wonder if I spend more time just being, instead of doing, that I would find the answer to whether I've lived before. There are parts of who I am that are a mystery to me as sometimes I have no explanation for the things that make me uncomfortable, distressed or elated.

Why do we all have specific passions in this life and things that inspire us? With me it's rituals, secret societies, and specific people and periods in history - Alexander the Great and the Knights Templar, and 16th and 17th century Scotland. Then there's actions that give me a strange feeling of remembrance. When I pull the hood of my coat or jacket over my head, I want to stop what I'm doing and close my eyes. When I took up pistol shooting many years ago, I knew I'd held a gun before. Silly as it sounds, I get the same feeling of remembrance when I load the stapler.

I've read many books on reincarnation, and others that say we live in a parallel universe. Most likely I'll never have proof of either beliefs but I find fascination in exploring the possibilities.

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